Who we are at Archangel Safety

We are a group of passionate OSHA compliance consultants. Years of real-world experience and development of safety programs have given us the ability to provide guidance on fostering a culture of proactive regulatory compliance. The following blogs are just a few of the many aspects and perspectives related to any organizations safety and health programs.

We work with dental clinics for the majority of our clients, but we do also provide services to a few medical clinics and legal firms. The differences in careers prior to consulting has been a tremendous benefit to both our clients and us. Thinking outside of the specific industry box can lead to more effective implementations of safety programs in a wide variety of settings.

Please read through our articles, papers, and blogs. Let us know what you think in the comments, and remember to be considerate of the fact that many new safety managers/technicians read these works and your comments. As experienced safety professionals it is our job to guide the less experienced, not shut them down. Everyone is welcomed to this site and to read the works posted here!