About the Name

The name Archangel Safety has a very special meaning. In one of my past careers I was a Critical Care Technician in the U.S. Air Force, I worked in ICU’s and was the assistant manager and lead technician. The story of how I received my call-sign “Archangel” has an incredible story behind it, one that sums up my career and my personal core values.

I was working on the ICU quite a few years ago now, there was an elderly lady whose family would always ditch her at the ER. They always brought her in for breathing difficulty knowing she would be sent to the ICU. Well, one night when I was the only tech on the floor and I believe we only had two nurses and a pretty full ICU, she began to fade away. She did have a DNR/DNI so we were essentially just waiting for her to pass. We did attempt to contact the family, but they never answered so she was left alone to die, something no one should ever have to go through.

I spent that night holding her hand while she kept fading. At the very end she asked me what my name was and I told her it was Gabriel. She looked at me with the most incredible look I have ever seen and said “I just prayed for God to send an angel to be with me! I did not know he would send one of his Archangels!” She then immediately became much more relaxed, kissed my hand, then closed her eyes and let out her last breath.

I remember feeling the emotions of that night for many years after that. She truly believed I was an angel, regardless of what I had done in my life, she went to her afterlife in the arms of who she believed to be an Archangel.

To this day, Archangel Safety, has a very special meaning to me and will always be a part of the story why I am so passionate about the subject.


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